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Showing cars in the yards , east of Fairview Avenue and part of the city in the background faintly obscured.
Cupola boarded up; ex K&M #80; built at Hobson, OH in 1917.
Cupola boarded up; ex K&M #80; built at Hobson, OH in 1917.
NYC terminal operations at Columbus, Ohio, are divided, unfortunately, from the standpoints of efficiency and economy, into two supervisory and labor jurisdictions. These are the Ohio Central Division or Line West and, of course, the Ohio Division or…
This picture and the next one have little, if anything, to do with the Ohio Division. They illustrate two variations of the operations of the Ohio Central Division in and around Columbus, and are inserted here in this album because there is no…
This little depot and block station is at Truro, ten miles southeast of West Columbus yard on the main line to Corning, Hobson, Charleston, Dickinson, and points south. The southbound freight, six cars behind geep no. 5663, is the Columbus-Baltimore…
Buckeye Yard
Grandview Tower in view
At west yards
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