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Ironically, the most modern facility on the Central in Toledo since its construction in 1950 has been the passenger station, Central Union Terminal. Its activities have of course fallen off drastically, and the freight volume which has held up…
A short but stiff grade beginning just west of Jackson station and extending westward through a residential area of the city lifts the main line out of the valley of the Grand River. Steam-powered freight trains of any consequence got rear-end…
This is the west end of Jackson yard, with Mohawk 3100 departing on a 58-car Botsford (Kalamazoo) turn. At the rear end, a U-3 switcher is coupled on for assistance on the one-mile grade west of the depot. The main line passes to the north of the…
Westbound freight train with war material.
Westbound freight train with war material.
Eastbound mail train.

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