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How to acquire

To acquire a photograph in the archive, you can just browse to that specific photograph and click on the link to order it.  When you provide your email address in the Digital Shop and checkout, you will receive an email message with instructions on how to download your images.  We do not provide hardcopy versions of the photographs.  The following are step by step instructions.

Browse the archive looking for the specific photograph you are interested in.  You will find something like the following for example.


From there you can click on the title (F2 #1605 at ...) or the photograph and you will see the detailed information regarding the specific photograph.  In that detailed information you will find a link to click on to order the photograph.  


If you click on the link show (SL508037 in this example), you will be transferred to the NYCSHS Digital Shop shopping site.  There you will need to add the image to your cart.


Note: The photograph shown on the site is an example and not the one your are acquiring.

Once on the shopping site, you can add the photograph to your shopping cart by clicking the ADD TO CART button.  You will see the following to acknowledge it was added to your cart.


At this point you can complete the purchase by checking out or you can go back to the Archive System window and look for another photograph to acquire.  While the may be an additional window opened if you wish to purchase another photograph.  You add any additional photographs to your cart and can close one of the shopping windows and you will not lose anything you are acquiring.

Once you have checked out, within a few minutes, you should receive an email indicating how to download the photographs to your computer.