There are several types of maps in the New York Central System Historical Society (NYCSHS) archive.  These maps include:

The map archives provide a detailed geographical description of the NYCS, from global maps of the whole railroad down to detailed maps of individual stations. These maps will be incorporated here as items you can search on at levels of

There will also be pointers to other digitized map collections that are essential to having a full geographic picture of any part of the system. These include the Sanborn maps and USGS topographic maps.

System Maps

System maps of the NYC Railroad were produced at various times.  The ones here represent those that are present in the archives.

System - 1924 (planned for future)

ICC valuation maps

These are maps produced in response to a 1915 ICC order requiring valuation of all railroad property,
as required by the Valuation Act of 1913.  Detailed information on ICC valuation records and maps can be found in the National Archives.  You can find that information at National Archives. Other information can be found here regarding the ICC valuation orders Valuation Orders.

Please note, the NYCSHS maps may not be a complete set of maps and they may represent updated information and not the original maps of 1917. The NYCSHS strives to add maps to the collection as we are able.  This is an area where we always welcome donations.  The following is a link to the valuation maps that we hold in our archive.

Maps in Other Data Bases

To have a complete geographical picture of the NYC, other digitized sources in the public domain are very useful.