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Valuation maps are organized by Valuation Sections.  Within each section there are various valuation sheets.  There are multiple types of valuation maps; Right of Way, Index, Track Map, Land, Station and combinations of those.  There can be others that are more specialized.

In general, valuation sections from 1 to 49 were associated with Boston and Albany, 50 to 199 were associated with the NYC Lines East and 200 and above were associated with Lines West.  Over time, these did change as railroads were acquired and fully integrated into the New York Central.

The short hand used when talking about this is that the valuation section becomes just V<number>, so valuation section 125 is V125.  The individual sheets are just numbered, so that sheet 5 of valuation section 126 is V126.5.

An example of the changes over time is the Zanesville Terminal Railroad (ZTRR), which was operated by the Zanesville and Western Railway Company (Z&W Ry), started as a valuation section 1 sheet 1 of the ZTRR, because the Z&W RY valuation section 6 sheet 1 (or V6.1) and the Z&W Ry valuation section 6 and index sheet, because it contained both the index of the maps and was the first sheet of the section.  The transition from ZTRR to Z&W Ry occurred on June 30, 1918 and after December 31, 1921 it was operated by the New York Central Railroad.

Lines East

Boston & Albany
v1 - Main line (Mass) v1a - Grand Junction Branch v1b - Newton Highlands Branch
v1c - Newton Lower Falls Branch v1d - Saxonville Branch v1e - Milford Branch
v1f - Milbury Branch v1g - Spencer Branch v1h - Athol Branch
v2 - Main line (NY) v2a - Hudson Branch v3 - Webster Branch
v3a - East Webster Branch v4 - North Brookfield Branch v5 - Ware River Branch
v6 - Chester and Becket Branch v7 - North Adams Branch

New York Central
v51 - GCT v52 - Main Line v53 - Port Morris Branch
v54 - Main Line v55 - Lake Mahopac Branch v56 - Main Line
v57 - 30th St NYC V58 - NYC Water Terminals v59 - Main Line
v60 - Main Line v61 - Hudson River Bridge Co.  v62 - Main Line
v63 - Rensselaer to Troy v64 - Main Line v65 - Amsterdam, Chuctanunda & Northern R. R.
v66 - Main Line v67 - Troy & Schenectady Branch v68 - Dolgeville Branch
v70 - Main Line v71 - Main Line
v119 - West Shore v120 - West Shore v121 - West Shore
New Jersey Junction Railroad Raquette Lake Railway Troy Union Railroad

Lines West

New York Central
v210 - Main Line v211 - Main Line  
v231 - Detroit Branch v232a - Detroit Branch

Those valuation sections in italics are incomplete.