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Browsing the archive

Browsing can be done in two ways.  The simplest method is to just browse through the entire archive.  With the thousands of items in the archive, this will not be very useful if you are looking for a specific picture or information.

An alternative is to browse by tag.  Tags are a pre-defined piece of information associated with an item in our archive.  We have chosen a specific pieces of information to use in our tags.

Builder - The builder associated with a specific piece of equipment. 

Class - Class of the equipment.  For example, it could be a J-1a for a steam locomotive known as a Hudson or a DPA-5a for an E8 A unit built by EMD.

Date - The date (if known) of when a picture was taken.

Location - If the city and state of where the picture was taken. Note: the city and state are separately tagged.

Subject - Type of photograph (e.g. Steam Locomotive, Facilities, etc.)

Sub-Subject - Greater classification of the subject (e.g. if the subject was Watercraft the sub-subject could be Tugboat.)

Road Number - The road number associated with any rolling stock or locomotive (e.g. X509 would be a tag for a GE 70 ton switcher).  Road numbers in the archive are normally prefixed with a "#".  So, #6010 is for road number 6010.