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Train no. 48 arriving South Station
Train no. 601, Worcester Local' backs out of South Station to yard under multi-track semaphore signal bridge
Detroit 'Mercury' loading. J-3a #5434 after bringing in train no. 315, 'Motor City Special'. E-7s #4004 & #4005 moving to couple to train no. 76. 'Mercury'
Parlor-ob on train no. 64, 'Mercury' at Lakefront Station, front of #5434 in view
Empire State Express'
Near Brook Lea
J-1 near Brook Leaunder semaphore signa; bridge
M&E near Brook Lea
J-3a near Brook Lea
J-3a near Brook Lea
With DFA-3d #1034, DRS-10a #8001, DFA-3c #1027, DFA-7d #1122
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