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Derailed, hanging off elevated row; one of 1500 cars numbered in NYC series 133700-135199; these cars were converted from lotsĀ 330-B, 337-B, 338-B, 339-B, 341-B, 342-B & 343-B
After Little Falls, NY wreck
After Little Falls wreck
"Empire State Express" near Brook lear
at Main St. with westbound 'Empire Stete Express'
at 9th St. with eastbound 'Empire Stete Express'
Along Hudson River. Great overhead view
3/4 View for 'James Whitcomb Riley'
With freight.
L-3 Performance Test 41-56.

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Built 1913. Ex MC #7900
LB-6 west of Westboro
With eastbound 'Twentieth Century Limited'
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