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Builder photo
Builder photo
Rear-end action view at Himrod Junction is of a class L-1a Mohawk, no. 2523 (the NYC's first of that type), assisting an 80-car southbound extra in approximately the same spot shown in the preceding photograph. On the head end are Mohawks 2655 and…
Pointed in the opposite direction, but in the same spot from which the picture on the preceding page was made, the camera caught Mohawks 2523 and 2525 heading 78 loads of coal out of the yard at Corning. The pace was a tortuous 5 m.p.h., since there…
Southbound out of Corning yard, the NYC tracks duck under the Lackawanna mainline,cross the Chemung River, wind around past the glassworks, and cross the Erie main at grade before turning southward out of town, Engine 2517 at upper left in this…
Freight departing north
Freight departing south
3/4 right side

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