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This is the view to the west from the steps of Eastwood tower, looking along the main line and into the east end of Brightwood Yard. A 53-car transfer cut, powered by no. 8899, a 1200-HP EMD switcher, is pulling up the eastward main past the home…
The Brightwood engine terminal, pictured here, is a prime example of the revolutionary changes in physical plant and manpower requirements brought about by the substitution of diesel for steam power. Brightwood "roundhouse", as the place is still…
Layover heating
With DES-16p #8973,DES-16p #8974
With DES-16p #8973,DES-16p #8974
With DES-16p #8973,DES-16p #8974 moving one flexi-van car
Builder photo, A-Side View
Builder photo, B-Side View
Builder photo, No. 1 End View
Builder photo, No. 2 End View
B-Side, Front Top View
A-Side, Front Top View
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