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Built 11/1930, RS-A, Very thin negative
With smoke lifters pulling heavy weight passenger train under cantilever searchlight signal bridge
On train no. 78, taken from fron of RDC #M-450
Engineer's side
Engineer's side
Double headed 'Knickerbocker' on bridge
With smoke lifters
with freight train in snow
B&A train no. 97
This picture begins the series illustrating the route through Indianapolis followed by the main line of the Indiana Division from Cincinnati to Kankakee. Again, as in the case of the Cleveland-St. Louis series, the pictures are arranged as nearly as…
This is the last of the portraits taken at Shelby Street. It was held out purposely to the end of the series to dispel any impression -- which night well have been created by the preceding pictures -- that Shelby Street was not a real engine terminal…
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