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With DFA-5b #5003
Next to DFA-2a #1612, DFA-2g #1742, Noses.
With DFA-5b #5003
With F-M Erie-Built
With DFA-5b #5005
With GTW behind approaching slowly to cross over after it at High Street
K&M Southbound along Ohio Route 7 and the Ohio River. Pulling freight west out of Hobson Jct., OH, operating on C&O trackage right from "HO" Hobson Telegraph Office to "CK" Kanauga Jct.

Why is it west? The direction from Rockwell Jct at Toledo…
In cigar band with many other units at the sand tower
Builder photo, No. 2 End View
Builder photo, Front View
Builder photo, A-Side
Builder photo, B-Side
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