Train no. 312 at Ivorydale




Train no. 312 at Ivorydale


Steam Passenger Train


This picture of the 3130 wheeling no. 312 through Ivorydale was taken less than half a mile east of the preceding one (the westbound distant signal for the junction is still faintly discernible in the distance). Ivorydale yard is again out of sight, beyond the industries which rear up from behind the train. The yard leads join the mains near Ivorydale Junction on the west and a short distance ahead of no. 312's position on the east. There are sixteen tracks in the yard proper, , three of which are used for N&W interchange and the rest for classifying cars enroute between the N&W and various NYC sources on the one hand and P&G and other local industries on the other. The two tracks adjacent to the westbound main below are also considered to be part of the yard, as are two more tracks paralleling the westbound near the junction (the latter are used to hold cars for the Ohio Division of the B&O, with which there is a moderate interchange here). With some minor exceptions, the tracks paralleling the eastbound main belong to the N&W. The heavily-industrialized area they serve is known as the Ross Estate (from the original ownership of the land). The N&W does all the switching here, but interchanges a good deal of the traffic to the B&O and NYC. When business is good, the Ivorydale yard engine pulls 25 or 30 cars a day to and from the Ross Estate. This traffic, together with 50 or 60 cars from P&G and over 100 from the N&W, keeps things humming at the yard. Road freights stopping to pick up or set out include ON-1 and ON-2 and the four Indiana Division trains between Sharon and Indianapolis. The balance of the traffic is shuttled by the Sharon-Riverside, Riverside-Sharon, and Sharon-Mill Creek transfers between Ivorydale and the other principal yards in the terminal.


Jeremy Taylor


Jeremy Taylor


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Jeremy Taylor, “Train no. 312 at Ivorydale,” New York Central System Historical Society, accessed December 4, 2023,


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