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Side View. Heavyweight closed vestibule
Builder photo, 'Commodore Vanderbilt' B side view
Photo is looking east at the top of the West Albany hill (1.63% grade with "s" curve) with tower #3 in the background. Switches for the cross over in front of the tower are operated from the second floor of the tower. Union station pusher engines…
Working on a large press
Flame cutting
Streamlined for 'Empire State Express'
Grinding axles
19th century Machine Shop located in the car department. Closed in Fall of 1954. Truing a passenger car wheel set.
The 'Rexall Train'.
Being readied for dynamometer test on Mohawk Division
With 19 heavy weight passenger cars under multi-track semaphore signal bridge
Early revenue run up West Albany hill with pusher
Blt. 9/1912, angle view in yard, very clear excellent photo
3/4 view. Built 5/16/1937 Sn. 66656. Scrapped 12/3/1952.
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