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Louisville & Jefferson Bridge & RR Co.
A "war emergency" gondola with drop ends; 700 cars were numbered in series 711000-711699.
3/4 view Caryl Station Getty Square Branch
With freight train XB-2 eastbound under semaphore signal bridge.
Loco has large snow plow pilot
Grinding axles
Al Jolson (right) and A. L. Miller at train side train no. 26
MC RR Shop building at Niles, MI; MCRR West Div. terminal, blt. 1919-1920; View looking NE, with power house on near left, with 6 bay backshop in left background, used mostly as Niles Diesel Shop. 30 stall roundhouse on right.
MC RR Roundhouse
MC RR Shop building
tri-color signals on Bracket mast, on cantilever, on single mast. BE tower and CCC&StL station in background
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