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With DCB-2a #3300 and DCA-2a #3201
A side view, lightning stripe
ABA, full lighhtning stripe, Alco trucks, westbound, all headend cars
ABA, short lighhtning stripe, westbound 'New England States'
ABA, short lighhtning stripe, westbound
ABA, full lightning stripe. Note slip switches in foreground
AB, full lightning stripe, pulling southbound train no. 144 'Laurentian'
Class DCA-2a, DCB-2a #3202, 3301, 3203 on eastbound train no. 98, 'The Paul Revere'
Class DCA-2a, Dcb-2a #3202, 3301, 3203 on 'New England States'
Class DCA-2a #3200, DCB-2a #3300, DCA-2a #3201 new at factory, short lightning stripe
Builder photo (short lightning stripe)
Builder photo (short lightning stripe)
Short lightening stripe
Short lightening stripe
Builder photo 48' Dia. Boiler - Front View, Construction
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