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36' wood sheathed autobox; 500 cars built in 1910 by ACF Detroit for LS&MS 68000-68499; renumbered NYC 251000-251499; whitelined
A group of beauties from the Broadway stage.

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Celebrating the electrification of the Harlem Line
Celebrating the electrification of the Harlem Line
Wooden box side view; 500 cars in series 251500-251999 built in 1910 by ACF-Detroit for LS&MS 68500-689999; renumbered NYC 251500-251999.
36' Wooden box side view; 1,000 cars in series 248000-248999 built in 1910 by ACF, Chicago, IL
Leaving Boston on Milford Branch passenger train
New roundhouse
Coaling plant
39' 50 ton car, Bettendorf T section trucks, staff brake, side view; renumbered into NYC series 336500-336999
Blt. 1910, Left side builder's photo small 69” for fast freight
Rear fireman's side view with caboose,caboose NYC&HRR #3807 and crew in photo
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