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Five "F" units are shoved from Windsor Yard towards the clutches of an electric motor at the Detroit River tunnel, enroute to the U.S. side for service. The impetus is provided by a 2-8-2 of the H-7 class, one of a series of sixty built by Alco in…
Over ash pit, Coal tower, watercolumn nearby
Coal tower
angle fireman's side with train
engineer's side
2-8-2 #2039 with the trailing locomotive is H-10a 22?0.
freight train (wooden boxcars) wreck at Vandalia, Michigan
angle view lashed up with another H-7b under steam, Blt. 1913
angle, with Elesco feed water heater and booster engine, Blt. 1920
Wood coal tower, ash hoist in foreground

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