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#2894 under coal tower, tri-color mast signal in view
NYC passenger station
Approaching L-2d #2934 at the coal tower, mast mounted tri-color signal in view
Water column in forground
CCC&StL(NYC) Burt Tower, at CCC&StL(NYC) Jct and Erie Xing, Look SE. 3/4 view track side.
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot with CR 6746, Look NW. 3/4 view right front
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot with CSX 2225, Look SW. 3/4 view left front
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot with CSX 6483, Look NW. 3/4 view
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot, Look N. 3/4 view , weds taking over parking lot
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot, Look NW. 3/4 view cars against bldg, showing road bridge
CCC&StL(NYC) Depot, Look SW. 3/4 view with road crossing bar and luggage cart
Under coal tower, next to tri-color signal mast
With MP units
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