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E8 and E7 with flexi-vans up front, dwarf searchlight signal in foreground
With #8222
The residential section of the west side has long since grown past Mount Jackson, but the tower of that name, two and a half miles west of the depot, is still the terminal limit on the St. Louis Line. This situation may be changed, since there is…
Westbound in cigar band
Westbound passing under signal bridge
Westbound at 10th St. Coal tower in view
Westbound with two track semaphore signal bridge in view
Westbound mail train at Main St.
Westbound under semaphore signal bridge
PA-1, PB-1 on westbound M&E
Pulling train no. 222 past QD Tower
GP-7 pair on eastbound M&E
Matched GP-7s on M&E
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