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Train no. 4 behind three Alco F units
Westbound with two track semaphore signal bridge in view
Westbound at 10th St. Coal tower in view
Westbound passing under signal bridge
Westbound in cigar band
PA-1 AA pulling westbound mail between two Tri-color signals on bracket masts
With #8222
RS-3s with #8313 on westbound M&E near Buffalo Rd.
PA-1, PB-1 on westbound M&E
CPA-24 #4500s eastbound on M&E on West Shore
Matched GP-7s on M&E
GP-7 pair on eastbound M&E
The residential section of the west side has long since grown past Mount Jackson, but the tower of that name, two and a half miles west of the depot, is still the terminal limit on the St. Louis Line. This situation may be changed, since there is…
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