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This view is across the west end of West Springfield yard and includes the diesel fueling station (still intact), locomotive shop (demolished), and general yard office (completely remodeled). The train entering the yard on track 6 in the eastbound…
The highway bridge at Feura Bush affords this view of the west end of the westbound advance yard. The yard tracks converge into Mains 3 and 5 at this location, which is known as the 'Top End'. VE-19, and Elkhart drag with Utica loads ahead, is shown…
From the west side of the bridge at Feura Bush, we see VE-19 proceeding westward towards Unionville, the most westerly outpost of Selkirk yard. From left to right, the tracks are the eastbound siding, the eastbound thoroughfare, and 1 through 7 in…
At the West Shore engine house
With matching B unit
Approaching Pere Marquette bridge westbound with freigh at the west end of Detroit West Side
In cigar band at Babbitt Rd.
ABA set, short lightning stripe
Right front 3/4 view, coupler doors open
ABA set pulling train no. LS-1 with 162 cars at the Cuyahoga River Bridge, DB
Built 2-3/1948, BS, 60 cars abt. 40 mph
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