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Builder's Photo. Built 1926.
angle side view no. 2 end right, with engineer, pantagraph up
angle side view no. 2 end right, without engineer
no. 2 end view, note marker light position
angle top view, air cooling lines, pop valves,exhaust and whistle present
Angle no. 1 end view, locomotives have bells and whistles on both ends
No. 1 end A side porch view, non battery box end just platform
side view of locomotive without engineer, locomotives originally carried 4 digit numbers
side view of locomotive with engineer, pantograph is up in the service position
side view of locomotive with attendees, first demonstration of locomotive pantograph power
angle view of operator's location, showing operator controls and gauges
straight in view of operator's location, this angle shows good view of meters and controls
completed boiler installed in locomotive, all plumbing and paint complete
view of main steam line on boiler, boiler located near main cab door
another view of completed boiler installed, note boiler insulation depth is by builder plate location in boiler wrapper
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