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underside view of cab platcorm, viewed from No.1 end toward No.2 end, not truck support bearing
underside view of cab platform, viewed from No.2 end toward No.1 end
top view of motor trucks and gear cases, end truck is attached in view also
close up view of driving truck hinge joint, joint is part of driving truck frames
close up view of operator's area, note gauges, brake and throttle controls
drawing of boiler, boiler parts are indicated with reference letters tied to nomenclature list
another angle view of contactor compartment, B side No.2 end compartment empty
view of whole contactor compartment empty, angle view including previous photo #132
No.2 end view of contactor compartment, no apparatus installed yet
view of contactor compartment shell B side, empty shell without apparatus
another rear view of contactors , B side of contactor compartment
rear view of contactors No.2 end B side, B side of contactor compartment
rear view of shunting capacitors, B side of contactor compartment
rear view of motor cutout switch B side, switch is on back of contactor compartment
view of B side looking toward No.2 end, note door with DANGER on that leads into contactor compartment
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