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Angle view of locomotive, renumbered to #304 in 1935
3/4 view. Built 12/1930. Re. #304 in 1935.
View of locomotive with hopper train,
A side aisle view looking toward No.1 end, showing busbar arrangement and back of contactors #34-41
Derailment of R-2 locomotive on test track at Erie,Pa, other locomotives were involved.
2nd view of derailment including other 2 locomotives , the E-9 locomotive was doing the pushing
Side view of R-2 locomotive, post card photo
Angle front view of locomotive with freight train, Southbound, 25 car freight train to W.33rd St Yard, NY
Southbound 25 car freight to 33rd. St. yard. Built 3/1931.
Southbound 25 car freight to 33rd St. yard via West Side Freight Line.
3/4 view.
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