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head on view pulling train
pulling mixed freight, reefers setting trackside
Blt. 2/1918, RS broadside, drop equalized tender trucks
angle view , nice detail view of turn table pit
left side, silver smokebox, big headlight
front angle view, massive headlight
RS broadside,nice trim
angle view pulling train,rebuilt from K-14g
Blt. 1913, Rblt. 1921, angle view with 9 HW cars on no. 53 Boston-NY Express
left side over head angle view
Blt. 1913, Rblt. 1921, front view with 8 car pass train
Blt. 1913, Rblt. 1921, angle view pulling train, bright smokebox front
Blt. 1913, Rblt. 1921, angle view under steam
Blt. 1913, Rblt. 1921, With 7 car WB '20th Century Limited'
Rblt. 1921 from K-14f, angle view stopped at station
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