Train no. 71 next to yard engine




Train no. 71 next to yard engine


Steam Freight train


Greensburg is one of those railroad junctions where periods of intense activity marked by crackling exhausts and clashing drawbars are interspersed with doldrums when a farmer's tractor and a few twittering birds are the only disturbers of the peace. When this picture was taken from the east window of the tower, business was indeed rushing. Michigan District no. 71 was arriving from the north, the yard engine was putting the finishing touches on the Columbus local, and Michigan District no. 76 was in the siding south of town for no. 71. The big engine in the center is the 3045 on no. 71, pulling through the crossover at the end of double track on the main line. The next crossover is lined for the eastward siding, from which the train will be switched back onto the Michigan District over the aforementioned new Wye. The head end of the 65-car train is curving around the west leg of the Wold wye, in which the Michigan District from the north connects with the main line. The depot, visible in the left background, is in the middle of this wye. The engine Working the yard (between the 3045 and the shanty) is no. 1366, an H-5 class 2-3-2. No. 76's power, a pair of GP-7s, is out of sight at the right. Due to an acute shortage of: water in southern Indiana at the time, Michigan District through freight service was dieselized south of Greensburg, and the trains were timed to meet and trade engines at Greensburg. On this occasion, therefore, the 3045 was wyed and returned to South Anderson on no. 76, and ends were changed on the geeps for the return trip to Jeffersonville on no. 71.


Jeremy Taylor


Jeremy Taylor


2-1/4x3-1/4 neg

Date Created



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Negative Number



L-3b, H-5q

Road Number

#3045, #1366


Lima, W. Albany


Greensburg, IN


Jeremy Taylor, “Train no. 71 next to yard engine,” New York Central System Historical Society, accessed December 2, 2023,


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