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Publicity photo, pulling an oil train during World War II
Seaman & Webster 2 truck shay
With freight trainpassing under tell-tale
with freight train
C96 Local mixed train, crossing the Nickel Plate Road E/B, tilting target signal in view; photo taken from gateman's tower along Napoleon St, looking northwest (railroad west).
On the ' Peanut ' branch (Canendaigua - Batavia)
engineer's side with coal train P&LERR
T&OC caboose, note flags on engine means its an Extra,
Beaver Station & Ohio River Bridge
Followed by A-1b B&A #1427 on eastbound double header
Here is the 1453 leaving town with the 27-car Greensburg switch run. The track in the foreground is the Anderson belt of the Ohio Division, which is used by practically all freights running between Indianapolis and Bellefontaine. On the eastern edge…
First HC-4, an overnight pickup run from Cincinnati, is wrestled uphill past the high tower and the depot by engine 3026. Part of the train has been set out at Gest yard, and the remaining 48 cars will end their journey in East yard. In this respect,…
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