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Westbound freight at Iona Trestle, Bear Mtn. bridge & CNJRR steamer "Sandy Hook" in background
Westbound freight, High level switch stand in foreground
Eastbound 7 car train Navy Power Train approaching cantilever mounted searchlight signal
Two P&E Mikados doubleheaded
Three trains lined up after snow storm
Westbound on the West Shore. 5 locomotives in view
#9515 with train of lake coalcrossing the Ohio River
Looking west on the P&LE mainline at FM tower, B&O coal extra
Eastbound at MP110, taken from Rio Van Winkle Bridge, Hallenbeck creek at near left, then Rogers Island
Showing a side view of a freight train with a steam loco
Amateur picture taken showing eastbound freight hauled by #1454 approaching bracket mounted semaphore signal.
Westbound freight
Westbound freight
In the Berkshiers, mast mounted semaphore signal in view
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