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Leading triple header
Behind steam triple header
Double header on Football student special to Notre Dame
Publicity photo, with 100 cars of coal on College Curve, perfectly manicured ballsat
Ahead of another steam engine pulling coal train, view from above
Triple headed coal train
Pulling solid coal train. Note smoke lifters
Northbound on P&LE at depot, Ohio River cantilever truss bridge in background
Leaving harbor
In open country just west of Clarks Hill, the 2800 wheels 69 empty L&N hoppers up the slight eastbound grade. Running as a Sheff turn out of Indianapolis, Extra 2800 is a key part of the operation of moving Eastern Kentucky coal to the U.S. Steel Co.…
Another kind of across-the-river transfer, one equally if not more interesting than the NYC version, is the one handled by the power and crew of either of the south-bank operators, the L&N or the C&O. The sight of an L&N or C&O train on NYC rails is…
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