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Engineer's side doubleheaded with L3a #3022 ,taking on water, dark gray smokebox
Fireman's side view, Train #575 westbound
Engineer's side view,Fox tender tks, spoke pilot wheels, beautiful early trim
Angle engineer's side view,3 HW coach train
Front angle fireman's side view with H-5 in background,pulling westbound train #575
Front fireman's side angle view,NYC locomotive with 6 car train to NY, is a NYC locomotive
Angle view, in storage on side track
Front angle engineer's side view,switching passenger cars at station
Front angle fireman's side view ,pulling boxcar
Fireman's side view ,partially hidden in plume pulling freight
Rear angle engineer's side view, switching part train #64 at station
Angle fireman's side view with train,note Baker valve gear and double air pumps
Fireman's side view with train ,pulling derrick with boom car probably MoW train
Fireman's side view with MoW train,straight side tender coalboards
Engineer's side view, rear of tender cut off,engineer in cab
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