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Angle front engineer's side view with passenger train,carrying the eastbound '20th Century Limited'
Angle engineer's side view with passenger train,10 car '20th Century Limited'
Angle engineer's side at station,as brand new
Engineer's side view setting near turntable,locomotive is in like new condition
Angle engineer's side with passenger train,breaking in new locomotive with train
Angle engineer's side view,locomotive with train in coach yard
Angle fireman's side view,crewman oiling around in photo
Angle fireman's side view,pulling passenger train, much black smoke
Angle engineer's side ,under steam setting in yard note engineer in photo
Station stop at E. 93rd St. on Erie RR
Train no. 10 with 10 cars next to frozen Westfield River, nice steam plume
North Shore Limited' with 10 cars
Train no. 25 with 12 cars at station
First run of the 'Cleveland Limited' with 9 cars
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