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Westbound train no. 13 'Wolverine'passing station. To P&LE 5/1931 #9249.
Wolverine' with 13 cars passing station, bracket semaphore signal in view
Southwestern Limited' with 12 cars along Westfield River
Train no. 26 at station, semaphore signal bridge in view
Southwestern Ltd'.
Southwestern Limited', 10 cars passing station
Train no. 11 at station
Train no. 10 with 12 cars passing station, semaphore signals in view, tower in distance
Eastbound 8 'Wolverine'. Pusher wye track leg on right.
Train no. 8 'Wolverine' with 11 cars, semaphore signal in view
Fireman's side 3/4 view
Train no. 46 on Riverside Curve with 15 cars

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