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Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Ry.
The double-tracked main line of the Ohio Division is a straight shot out of Berea for 68 miles to Galion. At the latter point it forks, with a single track heading south-southwest to Columbus and two tracks bending more to the west towards…
#2894 under coal tower, tri-color mast signal in view
Train no. 433 crossing Erie RR at Burt Tower
From Burt Tower with train no. 433 crossing the Erie Railroad
Angle view pulling freight train past stand pipe, Blt. 1918
Blt. 11/1926, getting coaled up under coal dock
Burt' Tower
Train no. 433 passing tower
Brick roundhouse with ash hoist and turntable in view
On train no. 433
Train no. 433, "Cleveland-Cincinnati Special" crossing Erie RR at Burt Tower
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