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"Empire State Express" near Brook lear
at Main St. with westbound 'Empire Stete Express'
at 9th St. with eastbound 'Empire Stete Express'
Westbound light engine move on track 3 at station
Empire State Express' near Brook Lea
Near Brook Lea
On freight near Brook Lea
Engine terminal, ash hoist in view
Train no. 96 stopped at bracket tri-color signal
This concluding picture, taken shortly after the preceding one in the same location, illustrates the light train loadings which are all too frequent on the traffic-starved Indiana Division. The freight, handled briskly by L-2 no. 2839, is CC-3, the…
At Delaware Street, two blocks east of the depot, the 3149 eases no. 405 into the interlocking controlled by "A" tower of the IU. To the left is the Pennsylvania's downtown produce yard. In the left background, one block east at Alabama Street, is…
There was both honor and ignominy for this sleek, Scullin drivered L-4, no. 3137, on the occasion of her last run on January 10, 1956. She was assigned to no. 302, the overnight train from Cincinnati to Detroit, and it bears mention that this was the…
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