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At West Shore enginehouse
At least 5 steam locomotives in view
Side view of cement hopper,blt Jun 1940, ER Dec 1946,steel,car has special Sherwin Williams vinal paint
caption on back of PB032092
Rebuilt 8/52, side,
38' boxcar side view,EB 10-45,wood with steel ends,Bettendorf tks, staff brake
36' boxcar, angle end view, Blt 1912; rebuilt 10/12/1945, wood with steel ends, similar to PB042004
side view of 40' boxcar,EB1-42,steel,Bet tks, staff bk whl, frame ladders,1and1/2 doors
angle view of 42' boxcar,EB1-42,steel,Bet tks,staff bk whl, frame ladders,has end doors
2 views, side and brake end of 36' boxcars, Converted 1929/30, wood and steel, Staff brake wheel, Murphy 6/6 ends, 1000 cars in lot 599-B and numbers 200500-200999 & 202500-202999 assigned to these cars
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