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At Grand Central Station, Used on Exposition Flyer
Angle view of 40' boxcar,Blt 12/12/1953,steel,Bet tks, staff bk whl, Youngtn dr, AJ May 1952
Angle view of 41' gondola car,Oct 1935,steel,Bet tks, staff bk whl, blt by Bethlehem Steel Oct 1922
Angle view of 40' boxcar,1956, steel, Bet tks, staff bk wheel, 7/8 Murphy ends; originally numbered 181000-181999; renumbered 105000-105999 in 1936
Side view of 40' boxcar,Blt 6/21/1958,steel,blt Apr 1944, grab irons on side above trucks
Los Angeles & Independence RR. #1, 'Los Angeles'
4-4-0 on Troy - Schenectady local
Coming in on Troy local
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