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Dynamometer Car with Class S-1b loco, #6023 pulling car in EB test
Double end views of dyno car, car built at West Albany Shops
Angle dynamometer view of car, dynamometer end has cupula structure on it
Right side top left side bottom, side views of dynometer car
2 interior shots of dyno end of car, gauges and dyno mechanism shown
2 interior shots of dyno car, top photo of kitchen end bottom dyno end
2 photos of dynamometer, angled and straight on views
2 photos of kitchen equipment, appears to be a sink and ovens in photo
2 photos of lodging area in car, photos of kitchen table and bunk areas
Angled left side of dyno car, cupula end of car shown
Both Sides View, Back of Page-17 LS, 18 RS, 0.87/1.14
Both Ends View, Back of Page-19 Dyn., 20 Kit.
3/4 Dyn. End View,
Int. Kitchen View, Back of Page-21 from Center, 21A from End
Int. Dyn. End. View,
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