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Showing various dynamometer car testing processes with Niagara #6023
Interior View Berth Section & Berth Made Up. Back of Page 22 Table, 22A Berth, 0.70 0.80
Int. View of Office with Table. Gear Shift Speedometer and Mtr. in front of Instrument Table
Int. Dyn. End. View,
Int. Kitchen View, Back of Page-21 from Center, 21A from End
3/4 Dyn. End View,
Both Ends View, Back of Page-19 Dyn., 20 Kit.
Both Sides View, Back of Page-17 LS, 18 RS, 0.87/1.14
Lot No. 943, NYC X-8006, Waiting for the track
Dynamometer Car with Class S-1b loco, #6023 pulling car in EB test
Lot No. 943, NYC X-8006, behind Loco 3016
Test observer in Dynomometer Car.
Test observer in Dynamometer Car.
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