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In DeWitt Yard.
At DeWitt yard
The blue flag has been removed, the signal has been received, the board is green, the gates are going down, and the engineer is reaching for the throttle - in short, all indications are that the elephant-eared 3149 is about to whisk the seven cars of…
At Delaware Street, two blocks east of the depot, the 3149 eases no. 405 into the interlocking controlled by "A" tower of the IU. To the left is the Pennsylvania's downtown produce yard. In the left background, one block east at Alabama Street, is…
Above is the engine-inspection building at East Syracuse, referred to nine pages back in this album. Locomotives are sent here after refueling and dumping of ashes, and are given a thorough pit-inspection and lubrication; they are then backed around…
At Square House Dewitt Yard
Built 1/1944, LS-A, Good exhaust. Last Mohawk
LS-A, Good exhaust. Last Mohawk
With smoke lifters and Scullin Disc Drivers

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