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H-5L #1524 helper added to eastbound freight.
X2849 West 44 Loads 20 Empties 3456 Tons 64 Cars plus Caboose
Right front 3/4 view
Engineer's side
This final view of the KI-2 of June 23, 1956, shows the durable L-2 at its head about to clatter across the main line of the Pennsylvania at Woods tower (whose roof appears just above the engine cab) Woods is a mere hundred-odd yards south of BX. The…
After setting out at Moorefield, the KI-2 which removed the last steam engine from the "Chi west" (as the Indiana Division between Indianapolis and Kankakee is known) was switched onto the Belt at KD. The more direct route to the Hill, via the depot…
During the first half of 1956, there was a sharp reduction in the ranks of steam on the Big Four. At the same time, there was a marked shrinkage of the territory in which the remaining steam power could operate. The most momentous events in the…
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